Why Niger Delta Militancy Will Continue, February 27, 2012

So many activities struggled for the front cover of most news magazines during the week. From the revelations coming out from the public hearing of the National Assembly on pension fund management; the investigation of the management of the huge sums of money paid as subsidy to oil majors by the federal government to the clearance of the new helmsman of the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission, EFCC, Ibrahim Lamorde, also by the National Assembly. On Thursday, the Nigerian born ‘underwear bomber’, Abdulmutallab bagged life in jail for attempting to bomb a US airline on the Christmas day of 2009.
But, there is one recurring issue that should not be neglected- the resurgence of militancy in the oil rich Niger Delta region. When the ex-militants numbering over 5,000 blocked the Lokoja/Abuja highway late last year, little did the nation know that they were up at it again. Government officials were quick to respond that they were not part of the amnesty deal.
The recent attack on the Agip Oil facility has continued to put several questions on the mouth of every concerned Nigerian. Assistant Editor, George Emine, who anchored this week’s cover, traced the problem to the profit that normally accrues from illegal oil bunkering.
The minister of power, Professor Barth Nnaji was a guest of the Nigerian Newsworld Magazine/Nigerian Pilot Newspaper Leadership Form. We brought you excerpts from the interview.


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