Touring the Diaspora for Oshiomhole

As the news of Youngest Oldman getting more and more involved in politics takes over the entertainment industry, the popular Abuja-based comedian and events manager, seems unperturbed.
The latest on his political escapades is that the artiste is currently on a tour of Europe  to canvass the support of Edo State indigenes in the Diaspora towards the actualisation of the re-election of Governor Adams Oshiomhole.
The artiste has already visited Spain, Italy, the UK, Switzerland and Belgium in his Diaspora Campaign Tour.  His aim is to rally the support of Edo State indigenes who have a large community in Europe, to support Governor Adams Oshiomhole for a second tenure which, according to him, “is what Edo State needs for effective and efficient development of the state which has  no doubt, suffered gross neglect in previous administrations.”
“I have heard so many things being said about my support for my governor.  Some people have even said that my career is suffering, but if that is the prize I have to pay for the betterment of my state, then so be it.  When I look at other states like Lagos, Akwa Ibom, Rivers and one or two other states, I ask myself why we in Edo State cannot give our governor another chance like other performing governors so that we can boast of advancement at the end of eight years,” Youngest Oldman said.
 Speaking from Spain and later from the UK on phone, Youngest said he was satisfied with what he is doing and that his commitment was borne out of the developmental strides of Governor Oshiomhole.
Asked if he was not interested in financial gains, the comedy crooner responded:  “By God’s grace, I have been very successful as a comedian, events manager and promoter.  Everybody who knows me is aware that I am doing well, so it is not because I was induced with money.  Everyone who has been to Edo State in the last four years will see a lot of projects.  Both young and old all commend the development of the state.  So tell me, as a role model who is being looked up to, why should I not support what is right?”
It would be recalled that Rolland Igbadume a.k.a. Youngest Oldman has been spending more time in Edo State working for the re-election of the comrade governor.  Recently, he told the media he was mobilising some 10,000 youths to support the governor.  He was also last month involved in the tour of some communities within the state and also with the ‘Okada’ riders (commercial motorcyclists) all in a bid to canvass for support for the governor, who he believes strongly in.


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