In Support Of Almajiri System Of Education

In the world where we live they are many countries. There are big countries that have population that run into billions like china and India and also many countries that are made up of small population like Gambia and Madagascar existing in the same world. In a setup like Nigeria, big nationalities, Like Hausa/Fulani, Igbo and Yoruba live side by side with some tribes less than 50,000 people without written dialect or vernacular of their own. 
The duty of a good federal setup is to judiciously manage the existing income for both rich and the poor tribes and protect their lives and prosperity. The theory of equality of all citizens regardless of environment is indeed easier to say or claim than practice squarely.
In Nigeria, ethnic problems are not news to citizens and non-Nigerian. To adroit politicians, and they are many, there is need for a conference or forum to discuss the future pattern of our togetherness. This call always receives a good attention of the gatekeepers of the Nigerian organ– the mass media of information. This author based on empirical and theoretical study about some federal systems like former Union of Soviet, Socialist Republic, USSR and Yugoslavia have always the feeling that create equal opportunities for necessary conditions for the survival of a federation like our own. It is pertinent to stress that creating opportunity does not and indeed can be equal social reward and income.
Education for the young ones is very important for national survival and rapid development. A laudable programme like almajiri education calls for a true patriotic and painstaking plan. We should avoid the typical Nigerian pattern of start today and abandon tomorrow. Almajiri education is indeed a big social problem.
In sociology or historical materialism they are some major factors which make an issue a social problem. Almajiri education has some social problems because a large number of citizens are involved. Many people complain about the pitiable plight of the almajirai and believe that urgent action is needed. The menace of almajiri is limited to some areas in Nigeria. Citizens from the north living in the south have every opportunity to send their children to school but there is the fear that they could easily be converted to Christianity. It is unfounded because people like the current Central Bank of Nigeria, CBN governor, Mallam Sanusi Lamido Sanusi attended a Catholic nursery school and Kings College Lagos. Lateef Jakande, the former governor of Lagos State, also a Muslim said he joined in Christmas carol when he was abroad.
To make almajiri education a success, state and local governments should be allowed to handle it. The current problem of Boko Haram is a typical example what ignorance can do in the life of a country. Boko Haram has brought the country into economic difficulty. They receive funds, accordingly from external sources including the Al-muram trust fund, AQUIM based in Algeria. Those foreign based forces do not wish us well; they are only trying to use the Boko Haram threat to interfere with our internal affairs.
Recently, some American press reported that the USA Army’s AFRICOM is planning to send about 20,000 troops as a quick response in the event of Nigeria’s disintegration or any outbreak of civil war. USA and its Western alias are only interested in our oil and gas so that their economy will continue to grow and prosper. But our priority should be how we can defend ourselves and ensure a good future for our children and peace in every part of Africa.

By Dr. Chima Wilson 


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