Prophets And The Nation

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Nigeria has several prophets who prophesy over it. What is the correlation between the prophecies and the events that shape the nation? - By Samuel Odaudu

Sure, in the ages of high spiritual thermometer, when the word of God was the parameter for measuring godliness and orderly social conduct in the society, prophecies were seen as guide or light. Prophets were indispensable key factors in the society. Prophecy which means a revelation of spiritual secrets or insight, if it is declared by a true oracle of God, is a law in both spiritual and physical realms. If any one meets a prophet who is truly called of God into the office of a prophet, no matter his state of confusion, he should find a definite answer. 
Please note that, in this context, we are talking about men who profess and preach Christ and are seen as practitioners of Christian faith. Call them Pastors, Bishops, Reverends, Arch Bishops, Apostles, Rev. Fathers, Brothers among other titles, Nigeria has a number of men of God who see visions and revelations on behalf of the nation and even extending to the rest of the world. At the end of every year, they make pronouncements about the incoming year and what it holds for the nation and its people; the possible direction the nation should take. 
Certainly, it is not everybody that has access to divine secrets; only privileged, consecrated people have such access. A vessel is called by God into the office of a prophet and consecrated for same. He thus becomes a human medium or messenger between God and man. A prophet declares, admonishes and proclaims the counsel of the most high God who rules in the affairs of men; what God is going to do or events that will occur in the future. Surely, it is a rare gift which comes by divine election. It is completely different from idle hallucination, or a situation whereby a man has a revelation about a particular situation, either by dreams or trance. 
There are different types of prophets, especially these days of national and global cataclysmic scales of confusion. Of course, there are prophets who get their power from satanic alters, hence, they have prophetic insights through the devilish operations of familiar spirits. Scripturally, all the magical and dramatic demonstrations of miracles and solutions by some prophets are done through the power obtained from dark worlds, a devilish photocopy and violation of Godly originality. That is why there seems to be democratic proliferation of prophecies, prophets and different shrines, not only in Nigeria but all over the world. False prophets are many indeed and they deceive many. They are prophets in their own special category who profess God under different meanings and nomenclature. The Bible admonishes us to beware of them.
In Nigeria, for instance, there are those popularly referred to as Babalawo in Yoruba language. Others are called Dibia in Igbo language and Mallams in Hausa. Although Mallams refers to a teacher, but unfortunately, non-Hausa speakers muddle both teacher and spiritual consultants under ‘Mallam’. Prophetic crave is mainly as a result of uncertainties about the future. African leaders are staunch aristocratic patrons of such people. 
According to reports, the death of former head of state, General Sani Abacha as well as the circumstances that surrounded the most unfortunate ordeal of the late President Umar Musa Yar’adua, was prophesied by was divined by Arch Bishop Emmanuel Musa Jatau of the Faith Hill Prophetic Assembly. 
In 1998, for example, in the thick of the presidential electioneering campaigns which pitched political parties against one another, a most revered man of God, Pastor EA Adeboye, the General Oversea of the Redeemed Christian Church of God, RCCG, made a clear statement that as revealed to him by God, Chief Olusegun Obasanjo was Nigeria’s next president. That was exactly what happened. Then, against all the gloomious socio-economic outlook of the nation then that made economists and analysts stupefied, he declared that according to what God showed him, Nigeria would become a number one nation in the world, “whether you believe it or not”, he was quoted. 
The serial religious crises that engulfed some northern states at that time were foreseen by men with celestial insights. Similarly, the coming to power of President Goodluck Jonathan was predicted ahead, both when he was Acting President as well as when he was elected as president in 2011 presidential election. Against the backdrop of several socio-political “scientific” prediction from Pentagon that Nigeria will disintegrate in shreds come 2015, prophecies have declared otherwise, but not without a condition: the nation must rise up in fervent prayers. 
However, there are times when prophecies are not fulfilled. Under such circumstances, prophecies from certain men are clamped down under the clouds of unbelief while some fall into subjective and sometimes blasphemous interpretations. 
2013 in prophecy
As the world bided 2012 goodbye and in the earliest days of this year, several men of God reeled out prophecies. Nigeria, according to Pastor Adeboye, needs more prayers in order to prevent even bigger flood disaster in the year 2013. The flood disaster of last year cost Nigeria billions of Nigeria beside dozen of lives that were lost. “Learn from the disasters of 2012 and take precautions soonest to avert bigger ones”, he said. High profile death involving prominent Nigerians as witnessed last year will continue this year, he said. As a matter of fact, he said that the death toll of prominent Nigerians last year was mitigated by prayers. “The prayer of some of you minimised the deaths of prominent Nigerians in the last year. Don’t stop praying”. 
At the international level, he prophesied that “Prominent world leaders need lots of prayers as not to die in office”. Already, this prophecy has recorded its first casualty in the person of former president of Venezuelan Hugo Chavez who died after a protracted cancer case in the hospital. He also warned against scandals involving prominent church leaders, worse weather condition, as well as holy anger of God almighty against “nations who pass unholy laws”. 
Prophet TB Joshua of the Synagogue Church is notable for his annual prophecy. He also re-echoed the same thing Pastor Adeboye said about flood this year. Even beyond floods, disasters, he said, will extend to “motor accidents, sea sickness and air disasters. This is a year of unmitigated judgement for wicked leaders, especially politicians. This year, looming harvests of deaths await such saying that, “This is the year of judgment, especially for politicians who use youth to support their political ambitions without reward after winning power”, he said. 
For Pastor Olusegun Emmanuel Olumegbon of the Redemption Church of Christ and Evangelical Mission, 2013 is laden with doom and national security matters were the major thrust of his predictions. For example, he said “Boko Haram would bomb many crude oil pipelines”, obviously a new dimension of terrorism and a major shift from traditional destructive operations of the sect. the atrocious and sinful activities of government functionaries, especially members of the National Assembly who patronise prostitutes was also mentioned. He declared that, “two prominent traditional rulers and three great Nigerians would also die in 2013”. Perhaps more gravely, he said that, “A part of the country will break out”.
“The Lord said that President Goodluck Jonathan should fight more against the Boko Haram issue. The Lord has sent an ark of angels to protect him. Though his regime cannot eliminate Boko Haram completely, he should make a great mark. A Bible will be handed over to the president in the dream, says the Lord, signifying power over Boko Haram. They will all be revealed here in Nigeria and abroad”, he said. It will also be a year of plane crashes, he warned. 
The year 2013 is “A volatile year. Very short tempered, that is why I call it a fragile balloon. It is a dangerous year not to toy with”, said Dr Daniel Olukoya, General Oversea of Mountain of Fire and Miracles Ministries, one of the most respected Pentecostal churches in Nigeria. He said it is a year where full of “confusion in countries, among politicians and where organised destroyers will split and begin to destroy themselves”. 
Olukoya reportedly “cautioned actors and actresses in the entertainment industry to engage in serious prayers…this is necessary to avert debt and death that may ravage the industry in the year due to some satanic covenant most of them have entered into unknowingly”. The Nigerian Pilot, the sister publication of this magazine has exclusively reported a rippling report quoting Prophet Olagoroye Faleyimu of the Mountain of Blessing and Miracle Church, Lagos, as saying that, “26 of them (movie stars) will die this year. Also 25 of them will return to abject poverty”. 
According to Pastor Odukoya, this year came with sequence of anomie: “It will be a year of horrible sinfulness; dangerous year to play with sin; unusually turbulent year; uncommon lawlessness; a year a special prayers is needed in fragile areas of the world; a year of rage of waters and seas against ungodly nations and people; a year of shaking against nations that support lawlessness; unbelievable betrayers; prayers are needed to arrest civil war in many places; a year of resurgence of wickedness; uncommon destruction for the sexually pervert.”


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