At Loggerheads With The Media

Showbiz  icon, Charles Oputa popularly known as Charly Boy, has reacted to the content of a publication which claimed he (Charly Boy) confessed to being gay and the leader of a dreaded international cult group, Illuminati. The hugely famous singer and presenter, in a lengthy press release made available to Newsworld Entertainment, stated:  “For the avoidance of any doubt, I want to assure Nigerians that I am NOT gay and I am NOT part of any organisation called the ‘Illuminati’ in any way, shape or form. I also categorically state that any report of my alleged ‘confession’ to any newspaper is a figment of the imagination of my detractors, and a very insidious attempt to destroy my hard-earned reputation, and that of my Charly Boy brand.”
He labeled the media that published the controversial confession as insidious, saying it was a calculated attempt to portray him in the worst light. Charly Boy, who fingered two national dailies as culprit in the allegedly libelous act, said ordinarily he would not have been alarmed by the attack from the otherwise faceless medium, ‘Danfo Express’ but the involvement of the two national dailies gave the report national prominence which became unbearable for him.
According to the popular ‘Area Fada’, “Ever since these stories broke, I have been inundated with angry calls by my friends, admirers, business associates and family members, who have expressed their disgust, disappointment and shock at the ‘confessions’ they have been reading about in different forums. My businesses have irreparably suffered and my family seriously mortified in the public eye. The general public, who believed these false stories, because it was coming from seemingly reputable organisations such as National Mirror and National Independent, have also vilified me in hundreds of thousands of posts and comments on different blogs, websites and social networking forums. I have essentially become an object of ridicule worldwide as a result of these wicked lies being reported as FACT. In fact, one of my daughters recently wrote me a heart-breaking letter on how this development has affected her emotionally to the point where she was even ashamed and scared of going out in public!”
He further informed that he was seeking a legal redress as the concerned parties had remained adamant to his calls for a retraction of the story. “In order to protect my name and my brand from ignominious extinction by the recalcitrant newspapers that started these false lies, I have therefore given very firm instructions to my attorneys to do everything legally possible to hold the people responsible for this accountable to the fullest extent of the law. Since they have refused to apologise and retract their vicious lies, they will be made to face the full wrath of the law. I have made a career of fighting for the rights of others and I will certainly not be shy in fighting for my own rights in a situation such as this.”
News of Charly  Boy’s confession to being a gay as well as the head of the Illuminati cult in Nigeria surfaced on the internet few days ago, with different websites and blogs quoting a relatively unknown ‘Danfo Express’ as the source of the interview.  In the said interview, Charly Boy was quoted as saying that he was gay and he was not ashamed of being gay. He was also quoted as admitting that he was the head of Illuminati cult in Nigeria. 

By Temidayo Badmus


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