Jim Iyke Flown Abroad For Surgery

One of Nigeria’s hottest actors, James Ikechukwu Asomugba, known in the movie world as Jim Iyke recently received the beatings of his life.  From information reaching Newsworld Entertainment, the A-list actor was pummeled so much that his ‘fine boy’ looks were destroyed by heavy blows.
According to our sources, Jim Iyke reportedly received the beating of his life in the neighbouring country of Cameroon about two weeks ago where he had gone to shoot a movie.  We gathered that the producer of the movie, on the night of the incident, went to a night club in a Cameroonian town called Limbe to unwind. At the club, Jim Iyke being a popular movie star in West Africa was given so much attention that fans who were mostly ladies, began to mob him.
With his super star feelings, Jim Iyke reportedly fancied one of the ladies and began to flirt with her. Unknown to the actor, the lady’s boyfriend who is said to be a Cameroonian military man was also in the club and watching how Jim Iyke was getting down with his babe.
The military guy, we learnt, got annoyed and went to meet Jim Iyke and an argument ensued. Before anyone could know what was happening, Iyke had received some devastating blows on his face and blood began to gush out.  We were told that the actor was later taken to a hospital where he was treated.
Meanwhile, sources informed us that the damage done to Jim Iyke’s face was so bad that he had to be flown to Britain to undergo plastic surgery.  “Yes, Jim Iyke is presently in Britain for surgery, I can’t say more than that for now,” one of his close friends told us.


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