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The Curse Of A River

News Introduction: 
Iyiocha River in Enugu State causes pain to residents of the city, leading to deaths and collapse of three bridges. - By Maurice Okafor

This is the third bridge to have collapsed, ostensibly as a result of the myths surrounding the river. The first was the bridge that links Trans Ekulu to the popular Polo Field. This happened about a decade ago, after the river mysteriously ate the foundation of the bridge leading to its collapse. A new bridge is presently under construction by the federal government. 

In Honour Of Adaka Boro

News Introduction: 
Bayelsa State government promises to construct edifices in Kaiama, the home town of Isaac Boro to further immortalise the Ijaw freedom fighter. - By Aherhoke Okioma

A prophet it is often said is not recognised by his people. But for Isaac Adaka Boro, who fought for the emancipation of people of Ijaw extraction from oppression and neglect by the federal government, the story is different. Boro who led the first Ijaw revolution in 1966 is being honoured annually many years after his death. 

Mothers And Their Lastborns

News Introduction: 
Experts say a special bond exists between mothers and their lastborn even though there is a taboo against treating ones kids differently. - By Ibrahim Mohammed

The British Website once asked a group of 1,000 women whether they have a favourite child.  Sixteen percent answered yes, they love one of their children more than the others, 33 percent said they loved all their children the same and half said they loved them differently, but equally.
In Nigeria there is a Yoruba adage that says Abikehin ni’jere Iya (the last child enjoys the mother more than others). It sounds dogmatic to most parents who fielded question from Newsworld on the subject.

Emerging Trend Of Begging In Abuja

News Introduction: 
Unemployed Abuja residents adopt different methods to survive harsh economic realities in the country. - By Arems Terkula

For The Love Of The Queen

News Introduction: 
England plans a robust Diamond Jubilee for the British monarch, Queen Elizabeth II with trust fund to fight diseases and promote cultures. - By Arems Terkula

The climax of the activities marking the diamond jubilee celebration of Queen Elizabeth II of England is in June this year. Activities marking the historic occasion, however started since January.
Queen Elizabeth II, the second longest reigning queen in history, began her reign on February 6, 1952, following the death of her father, King George VI. She was then 25 years old. With the celebration of her diamond jubilee, Queen Elizabeth became the second in history to mark 60 years on the throne. The first was Queen Victoria, who celebrated her diamond jubilee in 1897.

Kate Middleton A Commoner Who Becomes Princess Of Wale

News Introduction: 
Prince William and future Princess of Wales end the years of suspense on April 29 when they walk down the aisle as husband and wife. - By Anita Ochoga

Come April 29, the much talked about royal wedding involving Prince William and Kate Middleton, will take place. Already, the British media is awash of the wedding which is only four days away. 

Kandaha: A Lawless ‘Republic’ In Yobe State

News Introduction: 
Kandaha, a settlement in Damaturu, Yobe State, is a ‘republic unto itself where residents live oblivious of what is happening in the larger society. - By Bamidele Babalola

Kandaha is a city in Afghanistan with a population of   468,200 according to the 2009 population census; it is a city   known for producing fine grapes, pomegranates, apricots, melon and other sweet fruits. It is   an    Islamic republic, apart from being a producer of fine fruits and other good things of life, lawlessness is the order of the day.
Similarly, Soho is a city in the West End of London, it had a reputation for sex shops and night life, it is the headquarters of red-light areas in Britain.

The Emerging Graduate Cab Drivers

News Introduction: 
Lack of employment has forced many university graduates into commercial cab business to earn a living. - By Arems Terkula

Jonathan Ocheje, a university graduate had hoped for  a good job, probably in the bank after his service year. With a good grade in accountancy, Jonathan believed that the banks would be in his pursuit. But two years after his mandatory National Youth Service Corps, NYSC, Jonathan was still waiting for non-available job. His aged mother, who had spent her little savings to train him, was dying of hunger since she could no longer raise money to continue with her business, nor has the son she trained able to secure a paid employment. 

Kaduna’s Booming Sex Market

News Introduction: 
Quietness during the day and clumsiness at night depicts Obalende, a street in Kaduna also known as the state’s booming ‘sex market’. - By Femi Olanrewaju

Obalende is not just a street in Kaduna State. Located along the popular Maiduguri road, Obalende houses one of the oldest primary schools in the state, the Maiduguri Road Primary School, which many influential indigenes of the state attended. The Federal Club Hotel , where various social activities ranging from political meetings to launching programmes are held, is also located along the street. 

One-Man Village: The Irony In A Name

News Introduction: 
It is called One-man village, but houses more than a million people. This is an irony. - By Chris Onokpegu

It is called “One-man Village,” but today it has a population of hundreds of thousands of people. What an irony!

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