Keeping Kaduna State Clean

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Governor of Kaduna State, Patrick Ibrahim Yakowa, is continuing with the monthly sanitation programme initiated by his predecessor, in his resolve to maintain a clean environment - By Femi Olanrewaju

One of the problems confronting the Kaduna State government has been the management of a clean environment under the “Operation Keep the Centre of Learning Clean.”When the vice president, Namani Sambo was the governor of Kaduna State, he embarked on a sanitation programme, which involved the launch of dust bins in some strategic places for people to drop their refuse. He also contracted the daily sweeping of major roads to consolidate on his quest for a clean and disease-free environment.

At The Brink Of Collapse

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The University of Uyo, town campus, faces imminent collapse from effect of fast encroaching erosion due to none release of funds by the federal government to the institution, - By Charles Effiong

If adequate preventive steps are not taken soon, the town campus of the University of Uyo, located on Ikpa Road, could become history. Presently, major parts of the institution are at the brink of collapse due to erosion encroachment. Both staff and students now dread the parts taken over by the 200 metre deep ravine. Notable spots affected by the erosion are the main drive into the town campus, the victory chapel, the Catholic Church, department of music, health centre, senior staff club, guest houses and ICT centre for health sciences.

Submerged By Flood

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Residents of Calabar, the Cross River State capital are bemoaning their fate as the city is again taken over by flood after heavy rainfall. By Increase Abasi-Ubong

Residents of Calabar, the Cross River State capital are now facing  a serious challenge contending with flood. Last weekend, the city was again flooded following the heavy rains.Before now, Calabar  had one of the best drainage systems in the country. Then, drainages were cleared regularly making for easy flow of rain water; unfortunately, the situation has changed. The drainage systems are no longer de-silted, resulting in serious flooding.

Nature’s Rage

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Communities in Cross River State have been ravaged by flood occasioned by windstorm

The rain is  usually described by many as ‘Showers of Blessing.’ Farmers always rely on the heavens to open for them to have bountiful harvest.  Herdsmen also rely on the rains for the field to be green for their herds (cattle and sheep) to graze.Unfortunately, the reverse was the case as the expected rains have become more of a curse. The heavy down pour experienced in most parts of the country has left in its trail tales of woes.

Endangering Nigeria’s Bio-diversity

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The several approaches adopted to protect Nigeria’s bio-diversity seem to be facing fierce resistance from damaging environmental practices in the nation’s most delicate and fragile ecological communities. - By Yange Ikyaa

The sustainable use of natural resources is the optimum benchmark against which the economic growth and social development of nations is measured. It was for this reason that the National Environmental Standards and Regulations Enforcement Agency, NESREA, was established in 2007 by the Nigerian government.

Grief Over Development

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An erosion control project which has led to the demolition of properties has caused tension in a community in Benin city. - By Victor Osehobo

The N6 billion investment by the Edo State government to deflood the state capital, Benin, which was flagged-off  city governor Adams Oshiomhole, has suffered its first casualty with the demolition of two landed properties located on what government sources say is the flood channel’s right of way.

Tackling Examination Malpractices

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Benue State government sacks some secondary school principals for aiding and abetting examination malpractices to serve as deterrent to others. - By Caleb Nor

For three years, Simon Akande, a 100 level student of agricultural engineering in one of the federal universities had registered and sat for the Senior Secondary School Examination, SSCE. But each year he wrote the examination, he would not make up to four credits. He became so demoralised and began to feel all hope was lost. But when his neighbour, an indigene of Benue State told him that he could pass all his papers including Mathematics and English in any rural school in the state, his hope was rekindled.

Worry Over Rock Blasting

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People living close to quarry sites in Abuja are subjected to untold hardships as a result of crude methods adopted by construction companies to blast rocks used in construction. - By Caleb Nor

For people living close to the many quarry sites in the Federal Capital Territory, FCT, help may still be far from them as they continue to face many challenges resulting from indiscriminate stone blasting by construction companies. In spite of the many warnings by government regulatory agencies instructing these construction companies to uphold the country’s environmental laws, there has been constant rock blastings especially at Mpape, a suburb in the capital city, with little regard on the effects it has on people living in these areas.

It Was A Landslide

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Daniel Iorshasher, director of environment in the Ministry of Water Resources and environment in Benue State spoke to Sunday Ogli on the alleged volcanic eruption in Kwade local government. -

ir, a volcanic eruption is said to have taken place in Kwande Local Government Area of the state; what effort has your office made in assessing the situation?


Fuss Over Volcanic Eruption

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Scientists and environmentalists disagree over the cause of the movement of rocks in Kwande local government area of Benue State, which claimed two lives. - By Sunday Ogli
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